Awana SkyWay Genting

Magnificent Vistas Await You at the Awana Skyway

If you are planning to travel to Malaysia, it’s highly recommended that you include Resorts World Genting in your itinerary. One of the most iconic sections of the resort is the Awana Skyway.

This gondola lift system connects the Awana Skyway Station with SkyAvenue Station. The whole trip will only take a minimum of ten minutes, but it’s worth it given the scenes you get to see from the gondola.

4 Reasons Why You Should Take the Skyway

1. It’s the Easiest and Most Affordable Way

To get to the top of the resort, you’ll only need to pay RM8 per person. You can also take an express boarding pass for RM40. And if you prefer the glass-floor gondola, a ticket will cost you RM50.

2. Gondolas Are Always Available Any Time of the Day

That said, there’s no specific Awana Skyway schedule because the lifts keep moving as long as there are passengers. To give you an idea about how busy the gondolas are, the Skyway transports around 3,000 people per hour.

3. During the Ride, You Will Be Treated to Beautiful Views

You will have a bird’s eye view of the million-year-old rain forest below and the nearby site of the 20th Century Fox World Malaysia. The surrounding hills, establishments, and mountains will also take your breath away.
If you want to experience some adrenaline rush, you can take any of the gondolas that have glass floors. It allows you to enjoy the sceneries just by looking under your feet. You’ll feel like you are flying in the air.

4. You Can Stop Midway and Explore the Chin Swee Caves Temple

This Taoist temple sits in the middle of a rocky forested land. You can explore the temple and see its marvelous cultural treasures and surroundings before proceeding to Resorts World Genting.

In conclusion, taking the Awana Skyway would greatly enhance your experience in Resorts World Genting. The beautiful views will become one of the highlights of your travel experience.

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